The Inferno of Dante Alighieri

The Inferno of Dante Alighieri

A Rhymed Translation by Seth Zimmerman

Illustrations by Janet Van Fleet

Copyright © 2003 Seth Zimmerman and Janet Van Fleet. All rights reserved.


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copying from this web site


Copying from this web site

This web site was created for those who appreciate Dante—teachers, students, readers seeking a fresh visual and verbal perspective. Because of copyright considerations, if you wish to download or print more than one canto, please contact the translator for permission at stating your purpose. You can also purchase the paperback version of The Inferno of Dante Alighieri online, through,, or through the publisher, Check to see which has the lowest current price. To survey the entire book in pdf form, go to and search for the book through the title, or through the translator's name, Seth Zimmerman.


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The Paperback Version


In response to the many requests from viewers of this web site, a paperback version of The Inferno of Dante Alighieri has been prepared and published. You can order it online through,, or through the publisher, It can also be ordered through any bookshop. To survey the entire book in pdf form, go to and search for the book through the title, or through the translator's name, Seth Zimmerman.


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I          Dante lost in a dark wood; the leopard, the lion and the she-wolf;

            Virgil offers to guide him.


II        Virgil explains why he's come; Dante takes courage.


III       The Gate of Hell; the vestibule; the indecisive; Charon


IV       Limbo, the first circle; the unbaptized; the poets


V         The second circle; Minos; the carnal sinners; Paolo and Francesca


VI       The third circle; the gluttons; Cerberus; Ciacco


VII      Plutus; the fourth circle; the prodigal and avaricious; Fortune; the fifth circle;

            the wrathful and sullen


VIII    The fifth circle; Phlegyas; the rebellious angels; the city of Dis


IX        The three furies; Medusa; the angel; the sixth circle; the heretics


X          The heretics; Farinata; Cavalcante


XI        The sixth circle; the tomb of the heretical pope, Anastasius; the plan of Hell


XII       The seventh circle; the Minotaur; the violent; the centaurs; Chiron; the tyrants;

             the murderers


XIII      The second round of the seventh circle; the wood of the violent against themselves;

             the harpies; Pier delle Vigne; Lano; Jacome da Sant Andrea; Florence


XIV      The third round of the seventh circle; the burning sand; the violent against

             God, Nature, Art; Capaneus; the Old Man of Crete; the rivers of Hell


XV        The third round of the seventh circle; the sodomites; Brunetto Latini


XVI       The third round of the seventh circle; three Florentines; the cord


XVII     Geryon; the usurers; descent to the eighth circle


XVIII    The eighth circle, Malebolge, first bolgia; the pimps and seducers; Jason;

              the second bolgia; the flatterers; Alessio Interminei; Thaïs


XIX        The eighth circle, third bolgia; the simonists; Nicholas III;

              the poet's invective against simoniacal popes


XX         The eighth circle, fourth bolgia; the diviners; Amphiaraus, Tiresias,

              Manto, Eurypylus


XXI       The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; the grafters; the boiling pitch;

              Malacoda; the escort


XXII      The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; the grafters, Barbariccia,

              the Navarrese, Alichino, Calcabrina


XXIII     The eighth circle, fifth bolgia; slide to the sixth bolgia;

              the hypocrites; the jovial friars; Caiaphas; Virgil's distress


XXIV     The eighth circle, sixth bolgia; climb to the seventh bolgia;

              the thieves; Vanni Fucci; the prediction


XXV       Vanni Fucci's obscene gesture to God; Cacus; the three shades;

              Cianfa and Agnello merging; Buoso; Puccio Sciancato


XXVI      The eighth circle; prophecy against Florence; view of the eighth bolgia;

               the deceivers in flames; Ulysses


XXVII     The eighth circle, eighth bolgia; the fraudulent counselors;

               Guido da Montefeltro


XXVIII    The eighth circle, ninth bolgia; the sowers of scandal and schism;

                Mohammed; Curio; Mosca; Bertran de Born


XXIX        The eighth circle, ninth bolgia; Geri del Bello; the tenth bolgia;

                 the falsfiers; Griffolino; Capocchio


XXX         The eighth circle, tenth bolgia; the falsifiers; Gianni Schicchi;

                Myrrha; Master Adam; Potiphar's wife; Sinon; Virgil's reproof


XXXI        The bank to the ninth circle; the giants Nimrod, Ephialtes,

                Briareus; Antaeus lowers them to the central, frozen pit. 


XXXII      The ninth circle, first ring, Caïna; the traitors to kin in the ice;

                 Camiscion de' Pazzi; the second ring, Antenora; the traitors to homeland or party;                          

                       Bocca; one sinner gnawing another


XXXIII     The ninth circle, second ring; Ugolino's story; the third ring, Ptolomea;

                 Fra Alberigo and Branca d'Oria


XXXIV     The ninth circle, fourth ring, Judecca; Dis or Lucifer; Judas, Brutus,Cassius;

                 the southern hemisphere; the stars


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List of illustrations


Photographs by Terry Allen and Janet Van Fleet


III,82  -  Charon

IV,25  -  Limbo     

V,4  -  Minos

V,73  -   Paolo and Francesca  

VI,13  -  Cerberus

VI,37  -  One of the gluttons

VII,25  -  Plutus, Prodigal and Avaricious

VII,112  -  Wrathful and Sullen

VIII,82  -  Rebellious Angels

X,34  -  Farinata

XII,22  -  Minotaur

XII,73  -  Centaurs, the Violent

XIV,22  -  Violent against God

XV,124  -  Brunetto Latini

XVII,10  -  Geryon

XVIII,34  -  Pimps and Seducers

XVIII,112  -  Flatterers

XIX,43  -  Simonists

XXI,43  -  Grafters

XXIII,61  -  Hypocrites

XXV,49  -  Agnello

XXVI,49  -  Deceivers in flames

XXVIII,121  -  Bertran de Born

XXIX,82  -  Falsifiers

XXX,49  -  Master Adam

XXX,148  -  Circle eight, bolgias 6–10

XXXII,40  -  Traitors

XXXII,124  -  Ugolino and Ruggieri

XXXIV,31  -  Satan

XXXIV,40  -  Satan

installation and illustrator      

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